There's Gold in Them Thar Hills! Now Find Some...

If your looking for elephants go to elephant country. If your looking for gold, look where gold has been found before.

The best place to start is in known gold mining districts and prospect out from there. There are two types of mining claims, lode and placer. Lode claims are often quartz veins, iron stained shear zones, ledges and Carlin type diseminated deposits. Gold is often a valuable by-product of copper and other types of deposits.

Placer deposits are particles of gold erroded from veins and ledges and concentrated downslope in gullies, rivers and creek beds, high benches, ancient river channels and beach sands. Often the gold particles, fines and nuggets are trapped in cracks and crevices acting as natural riffles.

Getting Started Options:

  1. Decide on an area and start prospecting.
    • The advantages are as follows:
      • It is 100% yours when you make a valid discovery.
      • All gold, gems etc are yours to keep, sell or trade.
      • If you stake a claim on a good discovery it's value may rise as gold prices rise.
    • The disadvantages are as follows:
      • If you don't have a geological background it may take years to make a valid discovery.
      • You will need to be able to read a topo map and have some surveying skills.
      • You had better be sure you aren't trespassing on private lands or a active mining claim or you might end up in jail.
  2. Join a prospecting club.
    • The advantages are as follows:
      • Some clubs have claims in many states.
      • You have the opportunity to meet people from all over the country.
    • The disadvantages are as follows:
      • You might have been able to have bought a quality claim or discovered a great claim for what the membership fees run.
      • You find a hot spot and while you run into town for supplies some joker cleans it out and leaves a big empty pit full of trash and empty beer cans.
      • You have no control of the people working next to you or any privacy whatsoever.
  3. Purchase a mining claim from a reputable seller.
    • The advantages are as follows:
      • Its yours 100% and you get to keep everything you find.
      • While you can't run off hikers etc you certainly can have mineral trespassers or claim jumpers arrested and whatever gold, gems etc. they mined, returned to you.
      • You don't have to mine it yearly, or at all for that matter, just pay the nominal BLM fees to maintain it.
      • As the price of gold continues to rise, so will the value of your claim. Consider it a great investment.
    • The disadvantages are as follows:
      • Buying from a seller who will not answer your questions intelligently.
      • Buying from an eBay seller who was selling coins, trinkets and garage junk yesterday, check their feedback, if they just started selling mining claims, what makes them an expert?
      • Would you take your $100,000 sports car to a shade tree mechanic with greasy, filthy overalls and a beer in his hand.

Poor Mans Prospecting and Where to Find Gold

Prospect for bedrock exposures in a known gold bearing district. Clean out visible cracks and crevices, screening and discarding plus 1/4, checking to make sure you are not tossing nuggets away. Test pan each site.

Basic Tools needed

2 five gallon buckets
1/4 inch screen
small shovel
small pick
whisk broom
small pry bar for splitting bedrock apart
Crevicing tool or old screwdrivers
gold pan
hand lense
vial for gold
10 plus gallons of water
small plastic tub to pan into

Recreational Mining on a Modest Scale

Test washes and gullies focusing on inside curves and bedrock. Metal detectors will help locate streaks of black sands (mostly magnetite) where gold being heavier drops out first.

Basic Tools

Gold Wheel
Metal Detector
Battery operated shop vac
Long handle shovel(s)
Gold pans
Wash Tub
20 gallons water
Hand lense

So if your looking to supplement your retirement, help put your kids through college, work off those extra pounds and get in shape, prospecting for gold could be the perfect answer for you. Visualize your family sitting around a campfire after a fun day nugget hunting and prospecting. How many boys and girls do you know that are future rockhounds and gold miners?

Don't count on making a million or two the first year, although its possible. A little luck, hard work and constant testing is the key to hitting a paystreak or rich gold vein. Good Luck

Mining Claim for Sale...

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Carmen's Gold


This great 20 acre placer claim is located about 300 feet north of the old Carmelita Well (see photos of water tank and windmill).

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Commercial Claim

Goldfinger Project

The Goldfinger Project is currently being developed and when complete will consist of 50 unpatented lode mining claims...

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